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Lopez Beekeeping

For the good health of our bees, the apiaries are installed in the heart of a very high biodiversity.

The working method is traditional.

The treatments used are approved in organic farming.

For the respect of production, the work of the honey is done at the same temperature as that of the hive.

The product range that we offer comes from the Poitou-Charentes region.


Following a BP Manager of Agricultural Operations specializing in Beekeeping, Mr Lopez begins his activity. Until 2014, work and passion made it possible to acquire beekeeping techniques, with a base of 10 to 30 hives.

The acquisition of good beekeeping practices is essential to preserve the herd, increase it and harvest hive products.


Establishment of Lopez beekeeping, beginning of the marketing of a small range of products.


a pivotal year, from 60 hives out of winter to 113 hives in production, 2740 kilograms of honey harvested. 57 swarms were carried out at the end of the season in order to compensate for winter losses and start the 2018 season calmly.

  • The working method used is close to the specifications of organic beekeeping, in order to take the plunge if necessary.

  • For ethical reasons, we recycle the material as much as possible by scraping, cleaning, and disinfection.

  • In addition, barrel wash water containing honey is used to make the syrup. The wax and scraping propolis are resold.



ORGANIC CERTIFICATION The accomplishment of a beekeeper in accordance with his values and ethics

The operation is part of an ecological and economic approach.

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